Bespoke entertainment solutions

Our passionate collective of singers and musicians deliver a tailor made, live, sound and entertainment experience for weddings, corporate events and private parties. From acoustic duos to DJs, DJ Bands and Jazz ensembles, we have you covered.

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The Collective are well versed in making parties happen. From 6 piece bands for major corporate events to stunning wedding ceremony and reception configurations to that private event you’ve been planning, we have you covered.

Whether you need a DJ, singer, acoustic duo or DJ band, we offer innovative music solutions to suit budgets and music styles.

The Collective are attentive and hands on in embracing the narrative of your event. We are committed to ensuring that it is nothing but smooth sailing, collaborating with venues and event planners, or yourself to ensure every detail is a dream-come-true.

And when it’s all said and done, we want your event to be talked about.


You believe in the power of experiences. You love to wow the crowd knowing the right music can transform an event from UN-eventful to event-FULL.

The Collective are just what you are looking for. We are a Sydney based boutique agency providing music solutions that add the WOW to your event. We work with event planners, event managers and event producers to create the ultimate atmosphere for your business, brand, establishment or event.

Our secret, a collective of musicians, vocalists and DJs who are exceptional at what they do, possessing extraordinary performance skills that wow the crowds every single time. We combine talent, commitment and tailor-made music strategies equalling fun filled affairs that are programmed to the beat of your event’s heart.

It could be an Awards night, Christmas party, Brand/Product launch or Media event…… Whatever the event reason, we become ambassadors for the greater vision of your event through our music delivery.

Your goals are our goals and we love to wow your guests with the sound-sations of our party music.

We are the perfect music solution for your next event having been trusted to rock the party for Macquarie Bank, Commonwealth Bank PWC, Coca Cola, Modernstar, Cook & Waiter, Sofitel, REST, Alice McCall, Decorative Events & Exhibitions, The Star and Barangaroo House to name just a few.


Wedding plans are in full swing. You have a vision, a theme and long-awaited dreams to co-ordinate. You are designing the perfect day. A day promising to be filled with precious moments that will pave the way for cherished memories.

Enter The Collective – We thoughtfully plan your wedding music, collaborating with you to create a live music experience that is unique and memorable (just like you two). We emphasise who you are as a couple and deliver a night you and your guests will continue to talk about long after the lights have gone out.

Whether you need a wedding DJ, wedding singer, acoustic duo or wedding band. We offer innovative music solutions to suit budgets and music styles. Weddings and details go hand in hand as do music and memories.

The Collective are attentive and hands on in embracing the narrative of your special day. We are committed to ensuring your day has nothing but smooth sailing, collaborating with wedding venues and wedding planners to ensure every detail is a dream-come-true.

And when it’s all said and done, we want your wedding to go down as the ‘best wedding ever’.

Venues we work with



Get Ready to witness a vibrant, rotating multi-piece DJ band. This innovative take on the traditional party band is all about maximum impact with a show stopping style. All our bands are bespoke and designed to take your next event to new heights.

The 3 piece band is perfect for more intimate or smaller spaces. The DJ leads the way accompanied by a choice of either live vocals or brass, bongos or drums (your choice of instruments). It’s the perfect way to bring any event to life.

The 4 piece is our most requested. Again, the DJ provides the direction with the music and is accompanied by live vocals, sax or trumpet and bongos to round it out. It really is a dynamic and energetic show piece set to wow and is the go to option for maximum impact.

The 6 piece band is the show stopper. With the DJ crafting the beats we add 2 live vocalists, 2 brass (usually sax and trumpet) with full drums to complete the offering. If you are after an amazing show that people will talk about long after the event has moved on then this is it.



The undeniable power of acoustic qualities is amplified in the duo format with a winning mix of the finest musicians who creatively envelop guests as they perform classic favourites through relaxed and unique arrangements.

Whether you desire soulful soothing, or upbeat notes in harmonious accord we can create the sound you have envisioned for your day leaving your guests gushing about your event.



Setting a sophisticated yet relaxed vibe with this 4 piece Jazz offering. Encompassing all things classic to modern and contemporary, this adds a unique flavour. It is also able to adjust to your requirements of available space, personal tastes or budget with a trio configuration.